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Italy Plans to Completely Ban Animal Fur Farms

Italy will become the 16th European country to completely ban the farming of animals for their fur, closing all active farms over the next few months.

Oeko-Tex® Updates its Certification Requirements for Standard 100

Oeko-Tex® Recycled: The New Certification by Oeko-Tex®

Patagonia Blog: Don’t Forget Your Roots

First-generation Vietnamese American Mai Nguyen follows in the footsteps of their agrarian ancestors with a farm that grows numerous types of grains with a no-till, anti-fertilizer regenerative approach.

Patagonia Blog: Child of the Setting Sun

One woman’s against-all-odds journey to save a beautiful piece of a stolen future.

Patagonia Blog: Generations of Layers

A waltz down vestiary’s lane.

Patagonia Blog: The Writing on the Wall

In a tiny Colorado ski town, the world’s oldest mountain-bike club is facing the complicated reality of recreation gone right.