CommonShare’s Pick

Ralph Lauren Charity Makes $5 Million Sustainable-Cotton Pledge

The company has set goals to reduce its environmental impact, investing funds to promote regenerative farming practices.

Adidas Makes Major Investment to up its Sustainability Strategy

More e-commerce, more direct sales, more sustainability and more customer-centricity - these are the foundations on which Adidas new brand strategy for 2025 is built.

Macy’s, Inc. Expands Supply Chain Operations With New Fulfillment Center In North Carolina

Macy’s, Inc. Expands Supply Chain Operations With New Fulfillment Center In North Carolina.

IFRS and GRI Form New Agreement to Align Sustainability Standards

The IRFS and the GRI will work together to establish two new pillars of international sustainability reporting.

Macy's to Spend $5 Billion to Become More Diverse and Sustainable

Chain department store Macy's plans to increase recycling in its stores by up to 80% and will implement new sustainable materials such as synthetic cotton and 100% wood materials by 2030.

Cambrian Asset Management Announces Reopening of Systematic Bitcoin and Ethereum Trusts

JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. and Sudrania Fund Services Corporation serve as fund administrators for the trusts.

Ownership Economy Podcast Launches to Focus on Building Inclusive Companies

Platform cooperativism and the future of blockchain governance with Nathan Schneider is explored in the launch podcast.

Shein Launches Fund to Invest $10 Million in Sustainability

The fashion industry is responsible for more than 10 per cent of carbon emissions and consumes approximately 100 million tonnes of oil each year. Virgin polyester (also known as new polyester) is a key part of these figures, with production levels of this fabric double what they were in 2000.