Brands that are Leading in Circular Fashion

Setting a sustainable standard for the rest of the industry, these fashion brands are demonstrating why a circular business model is the way forward.

KITOTEX®: How Candiani’s Innovative Technology is Saving Water

Created by Italian denim mill Candiani, Kitotex® is a breakthrough in water-saving technology that recycles the exoskeletons of crustaceans to create biodegradable yarn.

Is Cupro Considered a Sustainable Fabric?

With fantastic properties, cupro material represents a window of opportunities for sustainable fashion brands.

The Power of Jersey Fabric

Having become a popular wardrobe staple over the years, Jersey fabric is soft, stretchy, and is used for everything from t-shirts to bedsheets. But how sustainable is it?

BMW Continues to Support Aquafil Global's ECONYL® Regeneration System Project

Econyl® manufacturer, Aquafil, continues to support the BMW Group’s Sustainability strategy, with sustainability becoming a top priority in the automotive industry.

How the Fashion Industry Can Reduce its Water Footprint

Although the fashion industry has taken measures to address carbon emissions, here's what it needs to do to make its practices more sustainable and less wasteful of water.