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5 Steps to Communicating Sustainability as an Eco-Conscious Brand

As a society, we’re more ecologically conscious than ever. So how can your brand get the green boost it needs to effectively communicate sustainability.

KITOTEX®: How Candiani’s Innovative Technology is Saving Water

Created by Italian denim mill Candiani, Kitotex® is a breakthrough in water-saving technology that recycles the exoskeletons of crustaceans to create biodegradable yarn.

BMW Continues to Support Aquafil Global's ECONYL® Regeneration System Project

Econyl® manufacturer, Aquafil, continues to support the BMW Group’s Sustainability strategy, with sustainability becoming a top priority in the automotive industry.

How the Fashion Industry Can Reduce its Water Footprint

Although the fashion industry has taken measures to address carbon emissions, here's what it needs to do to make its practices more sustainable and less wasteful of water.

Waterless Denim: How Tejidos Royo is Reshaping the Industry

Spanish textile manufacturer Tejidos Royo has innovated a groundbreaking method of dyeing denim in a waterless process known as Dry Indigo®.

Innovative Companies that are Transforming Agricultural Waste into Fashion Fibers

By effectively utilizing discarded agricultural waste, these companies are providing sustainable material options for the textile industry.  

Unspun: Custom and Circular Jeans

Unspun - voted by TIME Magazine as one of the best innovations of 2019 is a digital apparel company that builds custom jeans for consumers on demand. Could 3D design be the future of sustainable design?

Brands Leading in Sustainable Interior Design

Whether the focus is recycled materials, biodegradable substances, or alternative energy sources, interior design brands are in innovation mode to make the industry environmentally conscious.