CommonShare’s Pick

Absolution Wins Awards for its Eco Packaging

The French brand bases its unisex skincare products on medicinal plants and combines eco-consciousness and urban lifestyle, nature, and culture.

MÁDARA Cosmetics Publishes its 2021 ESG Report

MÁDARA Cosmetics publishes its audited unconsolidated and consolidated annual report for the 2021 financial year.

Zero Waste Natural Cosmetics by Niyok

Berlin-based cosmetics and dental care Niyok is leading by example when it comes to three in one to zero waste, sustainably made products and eco-friendly packaging.

Mádara: Premium Organic Make Up Backed by Experts

Producing premium organic cosmetics firm from Latvia, Mádara manufactures its products with scientific formulas based on pure essences and Nordic herbs.

How Karethic is Committed to the Environment and Female Shea Farmers

Founded in 2005 by Carole and Gwladys Tawema, two sisters from Benin, the Karethic cosmetics brand offers raw, unrefined shea products.

100% Natural Skincare by Organic Kitchen

Certified by Cosmos Natural, Organic Kitchen comprises over 100 cosmetic products for face, hair and body care for all hair and skin types that are formulated with natural ingredients.

Juicy Chemistry Pledges To Go Plastic Neutral : Its First Step Towards Becoming A Plastic Positive Brand

Juicy Chemistry is proud to be one of the first brands to receive The Disposal Company's Seal of Sustainability Certification, the industry benchmark for plastic-free brands.

Dermalogica - Impacting the Skin Care Industry, and the Environment for Good

The beauty industry has a pump problem," says Aurelian Lis, Dermalogica's chief executive officer. "Pumps are increasingly used but widely unsustainable. Today, we aim to fix the problem."