Stella McCartney and Adidas Use Mushroom Vegan Leather

Editorial TeamEditorial Team
October 27th, 2022
8:41 PM

Retail giants Adidas and Stella McCartney have exclusive access to vegan leather Mylo from the biotech company Bolt Threads, whose innovative material is made from mycelium, the roots of fungi.

  These fashion companies have partnered with Bolt Threads, which has developed Mylo and other alternatives to animal leather products. This is part of an effort to shift conventional technologies to address a more sustainable future. The companies that partner with Bolt Threads collectively represent hundreds of tons of potential demand for Mylo, according to Dan Widmaier, director of Bolt Threads. said Dan Widmaier, head of the biotech company.


Stella McCartney 2022 Collections

Fashion house Stella McCartney has announced that the Frayme Mylo, said to be the first luxury handbag made from Mylo mushroom leather, will be launched commercially later this year. The bag was first unveiled last October at Paris Fashion Week, and is based on the design of Stella McCartney's classic Falabella bag. The material used, Mylo, is an alternative to leather made by material solutions company Bolt Threads from mycelium.



Stella McCartney also recently introduced a full mushroom-inspired collection. The spring/summer 2022 collection features a combination of bright and earthy tones, with embellishments such as pleats and cutouts. While most of the garments are vegan, some use silk, although the brand has announced that it plans to switch to Bolt Threads' animal-free silk alternative in the future.



Stan Smith Sneakers by Adidas

Sports brand Adidas revolutionized the sneaker market with a new mushroom-based faux leather: this material will be produced on a commercial scale by the end of next year. Over the past few years, Bolt Threads has worked to develop the material with some major brands such as Adidas.

Now, the multinational has launched an innovative concept of Stan Smith sneakers made from mycelium leather. Bolt Threads has already produced 5,000 iterations of the material. Its creators highlight its natural feel, notably different from the texture of plastic-based synthetic leather.



Mylo Material

California-based Bolt Threads develops sustainable materials for the beauty and apparel industries, and Mylo is just one of the vegan materials it has developed since its inception in 2009.

It created a vegan silk called Microsilk, which does not require the action of any worms. The yeast-based fibre shares the same properties as its animal-based counterpart: it is strong, elastic, durable and soft. And in the process of creating the material, the company also developed a vegan silk protein, which is used in moisturisers and creams.

In addition to being animal cruelty-free, the company's new mycelium-based leather is also sustainable. It takes less than two weeks to grow, emits fewer greenhouse gases and uses less water and resources than animal leather.