Armedangels' Detoxes Denim with Eco-Friendly Recycled Cotton

Editorial TeamEditorial Team
September 13th, 2023
3:37 PM

Armedangels' Detox Denim collection spotlights recycled cotton, highlighting the brand's sustainability commitment while reducing environmental impact through fashion.

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In Armedangels' latest fashion endeavor, recycled cotton takes center stage, showcasing the brand's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This Detox Denim collection, available for both men and women, introduces popular denim styles crafted from an 80/20 blend of pre-and post-consumer cotton waste. By exclusively using recycled cotton, this German brand is creating fashionable apparel and significantly reducing carbon emissions, land usage, energy consumption, and water usage compared to traditional cotton production.

The collection's materials are sourced from reputable partners, such as Turkish mill Calik Denim and Portuguese textile recycler Valerius 360°. What sets Armedangels apart is its dedication to transparency throughout the supply chain. Each pair of Detox Denim jeans features a QR code sewn into them, allowing consumers to trace the entire product journey through the Aware Virtual ID, a digital product passport. Furthermore, the brand has earned PETA certification for being vegan-friendly, using jacron patches instead of leather.

The women's styles in the Detox Denim collection include the Mairaa mom jeans, a '90s cropped style with a high waist and narrow tapered legs; the Aaikala straight fit jean; and the Enijaa, a cropped wide-leg jeans with a high waist. Men can enjoy the Annoj shirt jacket, available in black and indigo.


Addressing Recycled Cotton Challenges and Elevating Design for Sustainable Fashion

Armedangels acknowledges the challenges associated with recycled cotton, particularly in maintaining quality standards. Pre-consumer recycled cotton generally exhibits better quality compared to post-consumer recycled cotton, which can vary in quality due to difficulties in sorting and the presence of low-quality garments in circulation. However, Armedangels only utilizes GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified contents, ensuring environmental and ethical standards are met.

In terms of design, Armedangels focuses on heavier and more compact fabrics when using recycled cotton, compensating for the shortcomings of short staple fibers. They also employ techniques like emerizing to enhance the fabric's comfort and softness, providing a circular and comfortable product.

Armedangels is committed to increasing its use of recycled fibers in future collections to promote a more circular economy and reduce its reliance on virgin cotton. In addition to recycled cotton, their sustainable denim range includes fabrics made from organic cotton, hemp, recycled polyester, and Tencel. The collaboration between recycled cotton and Tencel further enhances the brand's commitment to quality and durability, as Tencel's long staple fibers contribute to fabric strength.


Armedangels' Holistic Approach to Denim

Detox Denim represents just one facet of Armedangels' sustainable initiatives. They've also launched a secondhand platform to extend the lifespan of their garments and support cotton farmers' transition to organic farming through the Armedangels Organic Farmers Association in partnership with Suminter, an Indian organic farming company. The association has successfully converted hundreds of farms to organic cotton, as reported in the brand's 2022 impact report.

Armedangels continues to expand its team of sustainability experts with their ongoing dedication to sustainability, exemplified by the recent addition of consultant Jordan Nodarse, known for his work with Bossa Denim and as the creative director of Boyish for three years.