Athleta Partners with Ambercycle's Cycora to Revolutionize Performance Apparel Sustainability

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March 10th, 2024
6:35 PM

Athleta leads sustainable fashion by integrating Ambercycle's Cycora, aligning with its mission-driven ethos and B Corp certification to reduce environmental impact.

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Athleta, a pioneering performance apparel brand, is set to lead the charge sustainably by becoming the first to integrate Ambercycle's Cycora at scale into its products. "Being a mission-driven, B Corp-certified brand, Athleta is steadfast in our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact. Utilizing recycled materials like Cycora resonates with our core values and upholds our unwavering quality standards," stated Athleta CEO, Chris Blakeslee.

Commencing in 2026, Athleta, under the ownership of Gap Inc., will incorporate regenerated polyester from Ambercycle into its product lines. Although still in the nascent stages of the partnership, the company has expressed enthusiasm, with Blakeslee highlighting the need for circular materials to meet growing consumer demand.


Revolutionizing Circular Fashion through Innovative Fiber Regeneration

Shay Sethi, CEO of Ambercycle, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the significance of collaboration in the performance sector toward fostering circular fashion. "Partnering with forward-thinking brands like Athleta signifies a pivotal step towards crafting superior garments and propelling the circular fashion movement forward," Sethi remarked. Launched in 2021, Cycora's revolutionary molecular regeneration technology transforms end-of-life textile waste into new, circular polyester fibers.

These fibers maintain the performance attributes of virgin-grade polyester while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Ambercycle estimates that Cycora offsets nearly half of the carbon dioxide emissions typically associated with virgin polyester production. Dan Fibiger, Head of Global Sustainability at Gap Inc., affirmed the company's commitment to innovation in supply chain and product development processes to minimize environmental impact. He expressed optimism about Ambercycle's transformative technology, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize sustainability in the fashion industry.


Embracing Circular Fashion: A Growing Movement Towards Sustainable Practices

Athleta's adoption of Cycora aligns with a broader trend of brands embracing sustainable practices. Zara's parent company recently pledged to invest 70 million euros in regenerated polyester, while Bestseller unveiled its inaugural product made with Cycora and recycled polyester. Additionally, Ambercycle has forged partnerships with renowned brands like Saucony and Tombogo, indicating a widespread industry shift towards circularity.

In conclusion, Athleta's collaboration with Ambercycle heralds a new era of sustainability in performance apparel, symbolizing a collective effort towards a more environmentally conscious fashion industry. Through innovative technologies and strategic partnerships, the brand is poised to redefine standards of sustainability and quality in the global marketplace.