C&A Joins Forces with Recover for a New Recycled Collection

Editorial TeamEditorial Team
May 9th, 2023
7:08 AM

German fashion retailer C&A has recently introduced an exciting new collection crafted from recycled cotton, a result of collaboration with the Spanish materials science company, Recover, showcasing C&A’s commitment to sustainability by utilizing textile waste.

The collection represents the culmination of a four-year strategic partnership forged between the two companies, solidifying their shared vision to establish recycled cotton as a fundamental component of a more sustainable fashion industry. Embracing a youthful aesthetic, the collection features seven distinctive styles, ranging from floral basic tees to laced vests and spaghetti-strap crop tops.

Notably, each garment incorporates 20% of Recover™ recycled cotton fiber, underscoring the brand's dedication to eco-conscious production. This latest release builds upon the long-standing collaboration between Recover™ and C&A, as both entities fervently pursue their commitment to circularity by combining the utilization of recycled raw materials with impactful educational messaging.

Recover™ stands as a prominent pioneer in the field of materials science recognized globally for its production of high-quality recycled cotton fiber and cotton fiber blends with minimal environmental impact. Renowned for its premium and sustainable offerings, Recover™ collaborates closely with the supply chains of major global retailers and brands, providing a practical and eco-conscious solution to foster circular fashion on a broader scale.



Recover™ Fiber for a Positive Impact on the Environment

As a fourth-generation, family-owned enterprise, the company has garnered substantial support from esteemed investors such as STORY3 Capital and Goldman Sachs. Leveraging this backing, Recover™ is dedicated to expanding its proprietary technology, with the aim of making a lasting positive impact on the environment. Furthermore, the company actively seeks partnerships with brands, retailers, and other catalysts for change to collectively achieve sustainability targets within the industry.

The new collection and its accompanying campaign signify another significant stride in their ongoing journey to raise consumer awareness about circular fashion, while simultaneously offering them attractive and affordable choices.



C&A’s Ambitious Global Sustainability Strategy

C&A's track record of achieving targets has empowered the company to set even bolder and more ambitious goals for 2028. The new strategy encompasses initiatives to inspire customers to make sustainable choices, science-based targets addressing climate change, and an intensified focus on circularity.

As an industry leader that has already made significant progress in adopting sustainable materials, C&A has now established key objectives for its European operations: -100% of core materials sustainably by 2028. Innovate and implement circularity principles to extend the lifespan of 7 out of 10 products by 2028. Replace 50% of single-use plastics in stores, the online shop, and the supply chain with sustainable alternatives by 2028.

Over the past five years, C&A has played a pivotal role in shifting sustainability from a niche concern to a mainstream topic by making sustainable fashion choices more accessible to consumers. The new strategy reaffirms the company's co

C&A's Global Sustainability Report confirms its position as one of the largest purchasers of certified organic cotton globally. The report highlights several achievements, including:

  • Increased usage of more sustainable cotton, from 53% in 2016 to 96% in 2020, which nearly meets the company's 100% target.
  • In 2020, C&A surpassed its goal by 1% by utilizing 68% more sustainable raw materials.
  • The company has showcased industry leadership in circularity, exemplified by producing the first-ever Cradle to Cradle Certified Platinum denim fabric in 2020. C&A has introduced over four million Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM products to the market, further driving circular fashion.

As C&A successfully accomplishes its previous goals, the company remains committed to identifying and sourcing even more sustainable raw materials, exploring innovative solutions, and improving apparel durability, all in pursuit of achieving true circular fashion.