Cambrian Asset Management Announces Reopening of Systematic Bitcoin and Ethereum Trusts

JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. and Sudrania Fund Services Corporation serve as fund administrators for the trusts.

Cambrian Asset Management, Inc. ("Cambrian"), a quantitative investment firm specializing in digital assets, today announced that the Cambrian Bitcoin Systematic Trust and the Cambrian Ethereum Systematic Trust (the "Trusts") will be reopening to new subscribers on April 1. The Trusts were initially launched in October 2021 to qualified accredited investors with existing or seeking risk-managed exposure to Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The first of their kind, the Trusts feature an actively managed systematic strategy that mitigates downside risks and maintains substantial upside potential while seeking to defer taxable events for investors. Cambrian runs assets of approximately $250 million.

Tony Fenner-Leitao, President of Cambrian, said, "Since Cambrian's inception we've implemented a unique investment approach that employs active risk management. Building on our flagship fund's (Cambrian Systematic Strategies) three-year track record, we effectively leverage the real-time collection of direct market data and the rigorous application of scientific methods to provide protection against large drawdowns, which is paramount when it comes to digital assets investing.

"We are pleased to offer new access to these investment vehicles, which have demonstrated the ability to sustain extreme volatility across digital markets," added Martin Green, Co-CIO and CEO of Cambrian. "Our experienced engineering, investment and technology teams work diligently to accomplish the critical goal of capturing as much upside as possible, while remaining focused on limiting downside risk and delivering strong annualized returns for our investors."

JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. and Sudrania Fund Services Corporation serve as fund administrators for the Trusts. This marks the first cryptocurrency administration mandate for JP Morgan.

For more information regarding the Trusts, please view the original press release here.


About Cambrian Asset Management, Inc.

Cambrian Asset Management, Inc. was founded in 2017 and is a digital asset investment firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area that manages private funds of digital assets for investors including high net worth individuals, family offices, institutional investors and non-profits.

The Firm employs a quantitative, data-driven approach designed to generate superior risk-adjusted returns uncorrelated to other asset classes. Cambrian's senior team has complementary and deep experience in technology, finance, and science.

Cambrian's backers include founders or principals from notable quantitative, hedge fund, venture capital, and technology firms such as Renaissance Technologies, First Round Capital, and Google.