COS is Launching an Innovative Garment Renewal Program

Editorial TeamEditorial Team
August 29th, 2023
11:35 AM

Supply chain management expert Bleckmann has announced the continuation of its collaboration with the H&M Group brand, COS, to drive its Restore program.


H&M Group brand Cos launched the Restore 2022 program, and the project is led by Bleckmann‘s specialized unit of circular fashion experts, The Renewal Workshop. Following a successful year-long pilot phase that received positive feedback, the core of this effort consists of a garment renewal process that combines eco-friendly cleaning methods, data-driven tracking capabilities and invisible mending techniques.

The team restores used Cos items to like-new condition and then offers them at a discounted price in its stores across Europe, including in well-known cities such as Paris and Amsterdam. Tamara Zwart, head of Renewal at Bleckmann, said, “Working with Cos is a true partnership based on our shared commitment to promoting circular fashion solutions.”


Cos' Progressive Approach to Sustainable Style

This innovative circular fashion project is in line with the retailer's “omni-circular” strategy, which aims to extend the life of its products and curb clothing waste. The success of this first phase has prompted the brand to expand the project beyond the trial phase. Francesca Lilley, head of sustainability and brand strategy at Cos, stated that the more it expands Cos Restore, the more economies of scale we can achieve and further enhance our circular fashion offering. As part of its ongoing commitment, Cos recently launched new Cos Restore collections in its Madrid and Vienna stores.

There are also plans to take damaged items from stores, in addition to products sent in by customers. This includes Cos Resell, an online peer-to-peer trading platform where users can buy and sell inspected Cos items. Lilley pointed to the broader implications, explaining that including more markets and more renewal streams in the COS Restore offering can extend the life of many more garments.

With over five years of expertise, the team has collaborated with notable brands like The North Face, Carhartt, and New Balance. Lilley emphasized that the partnership with Bleckmann's Renewal Workshop was a perfect fit for introducing and expanding the COS Restore initiative. This was attributed to their aligned values, as well as their adeptness, flexibility, and cooperative method in experimentation and knowledge acquisition.



How Sustainable is COS?

The brand incorporates eco-friendly materials, including recycled resources, into its products. The brand's strength lies in its ability to swiftly embrace on-trend styles and introduce new arrivals regularly. Additionally, COS has established a policy endorsed by Canopy's "CanopyStyle", aimed at preventing deforestation in its supply chain that could impact ancient and endangered forests.

A noteworthy stride includes the brand's adoption of a science-based target to decrease greenhouse gas emissions stemming from both its operations and supply chain. However, there remains a lack of evidence indicating that the brand is effectively advancing towards meeting this target.

The brand does use materials like leather and exotic animal hair but refrains from using fur, exotic animal skin, or angora. Wool sourcing is guided by a commitment to non-mulesed sheep, while down materials adhere to the Responsible Down Standard. Notably, COS tracks most animal-derived products to their initial production stages.