Eastman and Debrand Collaborate for Textile Recycling Solutions

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April 24th, 2024
2:18 PM

Eastman, renowned for specialty materials like Naia™ cellulosic fibers, has teamed up with Debrand, a top logistics firm specializing in sustainable solutions for apparel waste from global brands.


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Eastman, known for its specialty materials and the production of Naia™ cellulosic fibers, has established a strategic partnership with Debrand, a leading logistics firm focused on sustainable solutions for apparel waste from top global apparel and footwear brands.

By joining forces with Debrand to gather waste materials, Eastman is employing its advanced molecular recycling technology to repurpose 5,000 pounds of apparel waste, both pre-and post-consumer. This innovative process disassembles the waste into its molecular components, which are then used to manufacture Naia™ Renew fibers. These circular fibers consist of 60% sustainably sourced wood pulp and 40% recycled material, certified by the Global Recycled Standard mass balance system.


Driving Sustainable Innovation: Eastman's Commitment to Circular Fashion

Claudia de Witte, Eastman's leader in textile sustainability, expressed the company's dedication to advancing sustainability in the fashion sector. The collaboration with Debrand signifies a step forward in achieving Naia™ sustainability objectives, particularly in promoting circularity. By transforming end-of-life textiles into Naia™ Renew fibers, Eastman aims to create valuable resources. This partnership highlights Eastman's commitment to collaborating with key collectors and sorters to facilitate infrastructure changes crucial for sustainability in fashion.

Eastman and Debrand are at the forefront of demonstrating the power of molecular recycling technology in tackling the textile waste crisis head-on. Through their collaboration, they're pioneering circular solutions for apparel waste, raising the bar for sustainable practices within the fashion industry. Notably, Debrand's prior partnership with Waste Management, a renowned leader in waste management services across North America, further solidifies their commitment to delivering circular solutions throughout the U.S. and Canada.


About Eastman

Established in 1920, Eastman stands as a prominent global specialty materials company, offering a diverse array of products integral to daily life. Driven by the mission to enrich lives through material advancements, Eastman collaborates closely with its clientele to deliver cutting-edge solutions while upholding unwavering commitments to safety and sustainability. Leveraging top-tier technology platforms, robust customer relationships, and innovative application development, the company follows an innovation-centric growth strategy, solidifying its leadership across key sectors such as transportation, construction, and consumer goods. With a workforce of approximately 14,000 individuals spanning the globe, Eastman champions diversity and inclusivity, catering to customers in over 100 nations. Notably, the company achieved a revenue of around $9.2 billion in 2023, with its headquarters situated in Kingsport, Tennessee, USA.