Formula 1 Marks a Step Forward in Sustainability with Pirelli's First FSC-Certified Tyres

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March 29th, 2024
1:56 PM

Pirelli leads in sustainability at Formula 1 with groundbreaking FSC-certified tires, prioritizing sustainable natural rubber.


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Pirelli sets the pace in the dynamic world of Formula 1, where every fraction of a second counts. Recently, the tire giant introduced a groundbreaking innovation: tires certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for their sustainable natural rubber content. This move marks a significant step forward for the sport and the broader industry in their collective efforts to address deforestation and human rights issues linked to natural rubber production.


Understanding FSC Certification

Pirelli's adoption of FSC-certified tires in Formula 1 showcases a heightened dedication within the sport and its ecosystem to combatting deforestation and ensuring ethical practices in rubber sourcing. The stringent standards set by the FSC guarantee that the natural rubber used in Pirelli's tires is responsibly sourced, prioritizing the protection of biodiversity, the welfare of local communities, and the rights of workers involved in rubber production.


Advancing Sustainable Solutions

Pirelli's commitment to sustainability extends beyond certification. The company is actively pioneering the development of synthetic rubber alternatives that are more environmentally friendly while maintaining the high-performance standards demanded by Formula 1.

Additionally, Pirelli is exploring innovative strategies to minimize tire waste, exemplified by initiatives like the 'strip and fit' program, which aims to reduce the use of rain tires throughout the racing season. These efforts have earned Pirelli recognition on the 2023 Climate A list by the CDP for the sixth consecutive year, highlighting the company's leadership in environmental stewardship. Furthermore, Pirelli stands as the first tire manufacturer to attain a three-star rating in the FIA's Environmental Accreditation Program, solidifying its position as a sustainability trailblazer in the automotive industry.


Formula 1 Becomes First Motorsport Competition to UseFSC-Certified Tyres

This certification, announced on October 10 last year when Pirelli renewed its agreement as the global tyre partner of Formula 1 until at least 2027, will apply to all the tyres used on track, which commenced with pre-season testing in Bahrain from February 21-23. The introduction of FSC-certified tyres follows an intensive development program initiated in 2022, yielding clear results in terms of both reliability and performance.

The inaugural free practice sessions at the Bahrain Grand Prix today showcased the debut of these certified tyres at an official event. This signifies a significant milestone, underscoring Pirelli’s dedication to delivering increasingly sustainable performance and solutions even within the unique environment of motorsport, beginning with its pinnacle of technological and competitive expression, Formula 1.