GANNI's 'Fabrics of The Future' Initiative Elevates Sustainable Fashion with cycora® by Ambercycle

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November 13th, 2023
12:24 PM

Danish brand GANNI has partnered with Ambercycle for its 'Fabrics of the Future' initiative by incorporating cycora®, a regenerated polyester, into its SPORT collection.

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GANNI, the Danish affordable luxury brand, is embarking on a groundbreaking sustainability journey by joining forces with Ambercycle through its 'Fabrics of the Future' initiative. This collaborative effort underscores GANNI's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and pioneering responsible fashion practices. At the heart of this endeavor is the integration of cycora®, Ambercycle's regenerated polyester, into GANNI's SPORT collection, with plans to expand its usage across future styles and collections.

The GANNI SPORT collection introduces a women's sports jersey t-shirt crafted from cycora®, a cutting-edge textile-to-textile recycled material. This material, partially derived from post-consumer waste, exemplifies how fashion of the future can seamlessly blend innovation with functionality, particularly in activewear. Lauren Bartley, GANNI's Sustainability & CSR Director, emphasizes the brand's dedication to embracing innovative, low-carbon materials as a pivotal step toward responsible fashion.



GANNI and Ambercycle's Collaborative Commitment to Sustainable Fashion

The partnership with Ambercycle aligns with GANNI's broader sustainability goals, aiming for a 50% reduction in its carbon footprint by 2027 and a target of 10% of materials originating from 'Fabrics of The Future' by 2025. The collaboration emphasizes a shared commitment to recycling post-consumer waste and minimizing the environmental impact associated with material production, focusing on textile-to-textile recycling for synthetic fibers and post-consumer waste.

Shay Sethi, Co-founder and CEO of Ambercycle, applauds GANNI's comprehensive approach to responsible brand-building and envisions the collaboration as a catalyst for driving systemic change in the fashion industry. The partnership signifies a crucial step in scaling the production and widespread adoption of circular materials, addressing the urgent need for sustainable practices in the fashion sector.


About Ambercycle

Established in 2015, Ambercycle is at the forefront of circularity in fashion, leveraging its award-winning molecular regeneration technology. The company's flagship solution, cycora®, represents a premium material made from end-of-life textiles, epitomizing its commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of raw material extraction and contributing to the decarbonization of the fashion industry.



GANNI, a B Corp-certified company based in Copenhagen, is on a mission to become the most responsible version of itself. The brand's commitment to sustainability extends to reducing emissions, phasing out virgin animal leather, and ensuring traceability in its supply chain. GANNI's annual Responsibility Report transparently communicates its progress, reinforcing its dedication to making ethical and environmentally conscious choices in its design and production processes.

As GANNI and Ambercycle forge ahead in their shared pursuit of sustainable fashion, the integration of cycora® into GANNI's collections exemplifies a bold step towards a circular and responsible future for the fashion industry.