Editorial Team
May 17th, 2022
Certified B Corporation, Montreal-based Goodee is a home interior design brand that fully embraces transparency and supports ethnicities worldwide.

Founded in 2017 by Canadian twin brothers Byron and Dexter Peart, Goodee is a home interiors brand empowering creators and consumers by creating an inclusive marketplace for design and purpose to intersect. Based in Montreal, the brand has built a platform for sustainable design centered around artisan brands.

Creating eclectic home pieces like cushions, baskets, rugs, wall decor, and more, the Goodee stamp means that every piece has been ethically made and sourced with transparency. The brand ensures fair eagles for its workers, promotes marginalized communities, advocates for gender equality as well as enforces a circular system. This minimizes waste and maximizes the function of every resource.

Goodee is certified B Corporation, meaning that they meet the highest standards of transparency and environmental performance, and take responsibility for their social impact. Inspired by artists and visionaries from cultures all over the world, Byron and Dexter wanted to make responsibly-made products that embodied slower living, and so Goodee offers classic items that tell a story about where each piece came from.



Goodee Releases its First GRI Report

In its first import report, Goodee discloses its commitment to environmental and social responsibility over the year of 2020. The information outlined is aligned with select disclosures from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), metrics from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) along with specific goals and targets under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In its overview, Goodee disclosed 97% of its materials used in making its own products are sustainably and ethically sourced, 93% of its outbound shipments were carbon neutral, and its orders were shipped using 100% sustainable and/or reused packaging

Preserving endangered crafts and artfroms from all over the world, 16 of Goodee’s 53 partners work tireleessly tirelessly to preserve endangered crafts that celebrate local heritage and community partnerships. The brand lives and breathes supporting traditional methods in African basket weaving, to Indian rugs and bedding. Amongst its partners are Ecobirdy and The Organic Company.



Goodee upholds NESCO’s definition of Cultural Heritage, by celebrating cultural heritage guides when it comes to sourcing its products and the suppliers it works with. With responsible sourcing as one of the brand’s main ethics, Goodee’s cotton is certified Better Cotton Initiative.

Goodee is wholly dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact, and is aware that it wishes to improve its use of sustainable materials in future impact reports. Goodee sells two types of products: the ones that it creates, and the ones it sources from brand partners and artisans. Both of which incorporate the use of organic cotton, as well as recycled polyester and hemp.

In addition to this report, Goodee has developed an Impact Index which provides a general overview of its impact in that year.

Based off the information in this first report, Goodee has set up performance goals for the following GRI reports to come. Some of these goals include: 100% of its products to be circular, that all products will be visible online with a calculated carbon footprint, and that 100% of its products are made using only sustainable materials.