Juicy Chemistry Pledges To Go Plastic Neutral : Its First Step Towards Becoming A Plastic Positive Brand

July 26th, 2022
11:21 AM

Juicy Chemistry is proud to be one of the first brands to receive The Disposal Company's Seal of Sustainability Certification, the industry benchmark for plastic-free brands.

The brand is now plastic-neutral with the ultimate aim of becoming plastic-positive to contribute towards making our society a more sustainable place to live in.

By being plastic neutral Juicy Chemistry, commits to removing and recycling the amount of plastic it produces to lessen its carbon footprint. Thus, strengthening its stance as a sustainable and environmentally friendly enterprise. This is done via the homegrown brand’s tie-up with The Disposal Company - a Central Pollution Control Board of India-approved Plastic Waste Recycling Impact project recognised under PWM Rules.

With the use of plastic-free goods and packaging, less water consumption, and lower greenhouse gas emissions, Juicy Chemistry is dedicated to affecting change in communities across India. “At JC, we don’t just believe in soil-to-shelf but also soil-to-soil,” says Juicy Chemistry’s co-founder Pritesh Asher, “In our constant endeavor to evolve as a pro-planet brand, we have now partnered with The Disposal Co. to recycle more plastic than we consume.” This would be just the first step towards not only making a greener society but also making the brand Plastic-Positive.



The Disposal Company's major goal is to create new environmentally conscious and sustainable brands and enterprises that consumers can rely on for the caliber of the goods they would deliver. Therefore, Juicy Chemistry has been following this formula; in light of PLASTIC-FREE JULY. It is a global effort that encourages millions of people to take action against plastic pollution so that our streets, oceans, and communities will be cleaner and more attractive. In 190 countries, our movement has inspired more than 100 million people. Making even a modest adjustment will have a significant impact on our community as a whole.

Talking about this partnership. Bhagyashree Bhansali, the Founder and CEO of The Disposal Company said, “We’re thrilled to see Juicy Chemistry rally around sustainable action and take the admirable step to implement some necessary changes to their operations. Their pledge to sustainability, starting with Plastic Neutrality, is one we’re sure will inspire other businesses as well. Our hope is that more and more consumers will demand plastic neutral certified products, effectively forcing manufacturers who have not yet made sustainability a priority to increase their efforts. Every piece of plastic we eliminate on behalf of Juicy Chemistry acts as a reminder of both the industry’s immense responsibility to our planet as well as its ability to unlock real, systemic change”.

In addition to this, one can choose to donate only Rs. 5/- as a contribution to this initiative at the time of checkout and make the orders Plastic Positive. The money will be shared with a certified plastic recycle program to compensate plastic workers for their jobs. The amount donated is securely routed to The Disposal Company’s Impact Projects. They guarantee that the contribution will keep the promised amount of plastic out of oceans and landfills while simultaneously increasing the recycling capacity of the partners and empowering impoverished waste workers. For every Rs.5 donated, they recover 400 gms of plastic waste from the environment.