Patagonia's Commitment to Sustainable Fashion Repair

Editorial TeamEditorial Team
November 6th, 2023
4:35 PM

Patagonia partners with European organizations to launch United Repair Centre London, fostering a social enterprise dedicated to training and employing individuals, including refugees, in clothing repair.

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Patagonia has joined forces with European social impact organizations to promote fashion repairs at the newly launched United Repair Centre London (URC). This collaboration between United Repair Centre, a circular textile manufacturing solutions provider based in Amsterdam, and Fashion-Enter, a British non-profit apparel manufacturing training academy, aims to create a social enterprise that empowers individuals, including refugees and those in need of employment, to become skilled clothing repair experts.

The United Repair Centre London (URC) in Haringey is an outcome of the successful Amsterdam-based URC, which opened last year with support from the Amsterdam Economic Board and Patagonia. The Netherlands-based URC has already significantly increased its operational capacity to perform 30,000 repairs annually, and the partners aspire to see the London branch achieve the same milestone by 2025.


The Importance of Repair

Thami Schweichler, CEO and founder of URC, emphasizes the importance of prolonging the lifespan of clothing and practicing conscious consumption to ensure a sustainable future, aligning the United Repair Centre initiative with the repair movement and advocating for responsible clothing brands to participate in promoting sustainability.

A Home at Fashion-Enter: URC London will be situated at Fashion-Enter's existing garment production facility. The expert team at URC London will provide training in technical clothing repairs. This move is particularly significant for Fashion-Enter, which was facing potential layoffs as UK retailers shifted their production outside the country. With the opening of URC London, they can preserve 15 jobs and make a positive impact in the fashion industry.

To ensure the success of URC London, the British Fashion Council's Institute of Positive Fashion and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation will provide strategic guidance and circular economy expertise. These partnerships are crucial in promoting sustainable fashion practices and responsible consumption.


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Expanding Beyond Patagonia

While URC London will initially focus on providing repairs for Patagonia consumers in the UK, plans are in place to collaborate with three other brands in the coming year. This expansion showcases the project's ambition to transform the fashion industry's approach to repair and circularity.

B Corp brand Patagonia has long been committed to sustainability, educating consumers on how to extend the lifecycle of their clothing for over a decade. The company offers free repairs to keep items in use, launched a repairs portal on its e-commerce site, and sells used and vintage products through the Worn Wear resale channel. Alex Beasley, Patagonia's country manager for the UK, Ireland, and Nordics, emphasizes the company's goal to empower other clothing companies to embrace circularity and move away from disposability.

The United Repair Centre London, a collaborative effort between Patagonia, United Repair Centre, and Fashion-Enter, is a significant step towards sustainable fashion repair and responsible consumption. By training and employing individuals in need, promoting circularity, and offering clothing repairs, this initiative not only strengthens the fashion industry but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. Patagonia's leadership in this endeavor underscores their ongoing commitment to making a positive impact on the planet and inspiring change in the industry.