PETA Urges Forever 21 to Embrace Ethical Fashion Practices Amid Mislabeling Controversy

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December 12th, 2023
10:54 AM

PETA has accused Forever 21 mislabeling real feather products as faux, urging corrective action in a sternly worded letter to CEO Winnie Park.

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In the wake of a recent whistleblower revelation, alleging that Forever 21 has been mislabeling products containing real feathers as faux, PETA has taken swift action. The animal rights organization's legal counsel has dispatched a sternly worded letter to Forever 21's CEO, Winnie Park, urging the immediate rectification of false product descriptions or, more commendably, the removal of inhumanely produced feather items from the company's inventory.

The PETA label emphasizes that deceptive labeling undermines customer trust and has potential legal ramifications, violating state and federal laws, including the Federal Trade Commission Act. The organization's undercover investigations shed light on the immense suffering endured by birds whose body parts are exploited for the fashion industry, revealing the brutality of live-plucking procedures that precede the birds' inevitable journey to the slaughterhouse.


A Call to End Animal Exploitation in the Wake of Mislabeling Controversy

President Ingrid Newkirk articulates PETA's stance, stating, “PETA’s investigators have captured distressing footage of birds vocalizing their pain as their feathers are violently torn away for the sake of trinkets and trims. PETA implores Forever 21 to act responsibly toward both birds and consumers by ceasing the dissemination of false and misleading claims and discontinuing the sale of feathered items.”

PETA, guided by the principle that "animals are not ours to wear," is steadfastly against speciesism, denouncing any human-supremacist worldview that perpetuates the exploitation of animals. As the ethical fashion spotlight intensifies, PETA's call to action resonates beyond the mislabeling scandal, challenging Forever 21 to align itself with a more compassionate and sustainable industry ethos.

The organization advocates for a fashion landscape where animals are not sacrificed for the sake of apparel, urging companies to recognize the ethical imperative of transparency and conscientious consumer engagement. Forever 21 now faces a critical juncture in determining its commitment to responsible business practices amid growing demand for cruelty-free alternatives in the fashion world.


PETA’s Letter to Forever 21 CEO

In a letter addressed to Ms. Park, the general counsel of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) expressed the organization's concern over the alleged mislabeling of products containing real feathers as faux on Forever 21's website. With over 9 million members and supporters globally, PETA demanded the immediate removal of false and deceptive product descriptions, citing a complaint about a customer purchasing a "Faux Feather Headband" with feathers later revealed to likely be sourced from real birds.

The letter highlighted inconsistent and inaccurate descriptions of other products, including a "Faux Feather Cropped Cami" listed as "100% feather" and a "Feather-Trim Cardigan Sweater" with contradictory material information. Accompanying the demand for rectification, the letter presented undercover PETA video footage exposing the distressing conditions birds endure in the feather industry, including live-plucking procedures, uncontrolled slaughter, and mislabeling of products with real bird feathers.

Emphasizing the legal implications, the letter stressed that businesses must provide accurate information to avoid violating state and federal laws, specifically referencing the Federal Trade Commission Act. Ms. Park was urged to update product descriptions to align with reality and fulfill legal obligations or, preferably, eliminate the use of real bird feathers.