Reformation Launches New Eco-Swimwear Line

March 18th, 2024
5:01 PM

Reformation has enhanced its sustainable swimwear materials, using the previous launch's recycled ECONYL regenerated nylon leftovers as well as a new, non-synthetic, and renewable material made of a bio-based fiber called EVO by Fulgar.


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Mon, 18 March 2024 at 12:36 pm GMT+1

Reformation, a renowned sustainable brand, has expanded its product range to include swimwear. Today marks the launch of this eagerly anticipated addition, featuring a collection of vintage-inspired bikinis and swimsuits that exude effortless chic while upholding eco-friendly credentials.

Those with a keen memory might recall Reformation's initial foray into swimwear back in 2019. The brand introduced a small edit crafted from ECONYL nylon, a regenerated textile derived from ocean and landfill waste, boasting the potential for infinite recyclability. While the launch garnered acclaim, Reformation opted to reassess its approach due to concerns about the fabric's sustainability.

Recognizing the environmental impact of synthetic fabrics, including recycled synthetics, which release microplastics during washing, Reformation embarked on a partnership with Italian fabric manufacturer Fulgar. Together, they trialed EVO, a biobased textile derived from the castor plant, known for its softness, renewability, and plastic-free nature. Notably, while the majority of Reformation Swim is crafted from EVO, a portion incorporates leftover ECONLY from the previous collection to minimize waste.

The newly revamped Reformation Swim, supported by a captivating campaign featuring Tina Kunakey, is designed to seamlessly transition from beachside lounging to evening cocktails. One-piece swimsuits and elegant bikinis are available in a range of classic solid colors and signature dotted, checked, and floral prints, catering to sizes from XS to XL.