Repreve Puts Sustainable Fibers in the Spotlight at the Rose Bowl

Editorial TeamEditorial Team
December 26th, 2023
9:26 PM

Repreve is set to highlight its transformative process at the Rose Bowl during the championship semifinal, showcasing its role in crafting sustainable team uniforms.

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Repreve by UNIFI, the global leader in recycled performance fibers, is set to make a lasting impression at the Rose Bowl on January 1, where a captivating pop-up pavilion will guide visitors through the transformative journey of plastic bottles into innovative fiber. This high-profile event, coinciding with the championship semifinal between the University of Alabama and the University of Michigan, showcases the significant role Repreve plays in crafting the uniforms worn by the teams.

Additionally, fan-favorite apparel made with Repreve will be prominently featured in the pavilion, marking the inaugural stop of a nationwide tour designed to educate and inspire attendees about the merits of bottle-to-yarn recycling.


Transforming 35 Billion Plastic Bottles into High-Quality Yarn

Each year, approximately 35 billion post-consumer plastic bottles find new life as yarn through the Repreve process. The mobile tour aims to illuminate the intricate stages, starting from sourcing recycled waste to the final transformation into high-quality Repreve resin. The resin, a result of meticulous processes such as chopping, grinding, washing, melting, and reformulating, is then converted into liquid polymer form and extruded through a spinneret.

These continuous filaments are the building blocks for Repreve fiber, further refined through spinning and air-jet texturing to create versatile yarn. The end product is then shipped to customers who incorporate it into sustainable everyday products and apparel.



Revolutionizing Sustainability in Fashion and Activewear

Repreve, born out of necessity in 2004 when a serendipitous machine malfunction occurred at its parent company, Unifi, has proven its ability to outperform virgin fiber without compromising aesthetic or functional properties. Renowned brands, including HOKA, TEVA, Beyond Yoga, EleVen by Venus Williams, Fig clothing, Fitbit, EcoGear, Guess, GoldToe, Hard Rock, Haggar, Jockey, Lands’ End, and Patagonia, have integrated Repreve into their product lines.

Favored by top activewear and sportswear manufacturers, Repreve stands as an environmentally friendly alternative, reducing gas emissions by up to 42% compared to virgin filament yarn and 60% when compared to virgin staple fiber. Its production also utilizes 66% less fossil fuels than virgin filament yarn and 76% less than virgin staple fiber. A July 2023 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study further affirms Repreve's eco-credentials, highlighting its significantly reduced water consumption compared to virgin filament yarn.

The exceptional characteristics of Repreve contribute to its enhanced performance, encompassing durability, flexibility, stretch, strength, superior moisture-wicking, and thermal regulation. Additionally, Repreve boasts a wrinkle-resistant texture that mirrors the look and feel of natural fibers, further solidifying its position as a sustainable and high-performing choice in the world of recycled performance fibers.