Saxcell and Birla Cellulose Join Forces for Textile Recycling Breakthrough

Editorial TeamEditorial Team
November 1st, 2023
4:50 PM

Saxcell and Birla Cellulose join forces to advance the production of recycled man-made cellulosic fibers through a groundbreaking partnership.

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Textile recycling company SaXcell, has recently entered into a significant memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Birla Cellulose, a key subsidiary of the Aditya Birla Group and one of the world's leading producers of man-made cellulosic fibers. This pivotal partnership is set to catalyze an expanded collaboration between the two companies, focused on the production of recycled man-made cellulosic fibers.

At the heart of this collaboration is the synergy between SaXcell's innovative textile waste pulping technology and Birla Cellulose's advanced wet spinning expertise. Their combined efforts promise to deliver a portfolio of high-quality, sustainable 'SaXcell' recycled fibers at a commercial scale, effectively meeting the circular textile demands of today's environmentally conscious consumers.


Driving Sustainable Innovation in the Textile Industry

Erik van der Weerd, CEO of SaXcell, underscored the strategic importance of this collaboration, aligning perfectly with SaXcell's vision of creating a robust circular textile supply chain. He emphasized the critical need for global cooperation to address the pressing social and environmental challenges facing the textile industry.

Dr. Aspi Patel, Chief Technology Officer of Aditya Birla Group and Birla Cellulose, expressed the group's strong commitment to fostering innovation and expanding circular fiber offerings throughout the textile and non-woven value chain. Dr. Patel believes that partnerships like this one will play a pivotal role in accelerating circularity within the global textile value chain.

SaXcell B.V., an innovative technology development company, has pioneered recycling used textiles into feedstock for the production of new and sustainable man-made cellulosic fibers. Their groundbreaking approach significantly reduces water, land, and chemical usage, aligning seamlessly with sustainability objectives.


Advancing Sustainability Through Circular Practices

On the other hand, Birla Cellulose, the pulp and fiber business of the Aditya Birla Group, stands as a prominent leader in the production of sustainability-focused Man-Made Cellulosic Fibers (MMCF). Operating 12 sites for pulp and fiber manufacturing, the company employs environmentally efficient closed-loop technologies, prioritizing recycled materials and conservation of natural resources. Birla Cellulose's fibers are derived from renewable wood sources and are produced using a closed-loop process that boasts significantly lower carbon emissions and resource consumption.

The partnership underscores Birla Cellulose's proactive approach to collaborating with both upstream and downstream partners, seeking to foster a broader and more substantial positive impact on the sustainability of its entire value chain. The collaboration between SaXcell and Birla Cellulose represents a significant step forward in the quest for more sustainable and circular textile practices. By merging their expertise and resources, they are poised to offer the textile industry high-quality, eco-friendly 'SaXcell' recycled fibers, marking a positive shift towards circularity and environmental responsibility.