Stella McCartney Co-Founds $200 Million Investment Fund for Sustainable Solutions

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December 29th, 2022
1:20 PM

Founded with the Collaborative Fund, the British pioneer brand in sustainability has co-founded "Collab SOS" which will be responsible for managing investments in companies aimed at promoting a new, more sustainable, Series A and Series B economy.

Since 2001, Stella McCartney has promoted an ethical and cruelty-free philosophy and opposes the use of leather, fur, fur, and feathers in all collections. The company also supports technological laboratories working on new materials. Since 2012, Stella McCartney has measured its business impact, from raw materials and manufacturing processes to in-store sales.

The brand measures its greenhouse gas emissions, water use, water pollution, land use, air pollution, and waste across the global supply chain and then translates this into a monetary value, mapping the hidden costs and benefits of each operation. These insights drive the business’ innovation and help it to make better, more sustainable decisions.



$200 Million Investment with Collaborative Fund

Investment fund Collaborative Fund was founded in 2010 by Craig Shapiro to support collaborative economy projects that encourage the activation of creative entrepreneurs.Stella McCartney has teamed up with the fun to co-founded "Collab SOS".

A new investment was fund endowed with 200 million dollars, from which, through Collaborative Fund, will be responsible for managing investments in companies aimed at promoting a new, more sustainable, Series A and Series B economy. In other words, Series A startups that are beginning to demand external financing, and Series B startups that require new funds with which to boost their growth and, by offering a certain level of profitability, increase their profit margins.



The creation of this new investment fund completes the highly disruptive investment vehicles that Collaborative Fund has, and especially its "Shared Future" fund, aimed at granting. Such grants function to fund entrepreneurs that are working on the development of climate solutions. Together with Shaprio, McCartney has starred in a short video in which both explain the push towards a new sustainable reality that they aspire to achieve through the investments that will be managed from this new fund "Collab SOS".

For the past decade, Shapiro has been investing in companies that move the world forward. This has included the likes of Sweetgreen, Beyond Meat, Blue Bottle Coffe, and Commonwealth Fusion, among many others. Following along that path, he states that he's looking forward to starting investing over $200 million along with Stella, in entrepreneurs who are producing "new materials, new ingredients, new energy sources" and "transforming supply chains".


The Impact of Stella McCartney

Since 2013, the brand has been using vegan leather, and instead of virgin cashmere, the brand uses Re.Verso, is recycled cashmere made from post-factory cashmere waste. All viscose comes from certified, sustainably managed forests that are fully traceable and transparent.

Also last year, Stella McCartney launched the first garments made from mushroom "leather." Each year, the brand uses between 10 and 15% of metals from all materials used. Today, 61% of the cotton used is certified organic by GOTS. The brand is working to achieve cotton traceability at the farm level, as 94% of the brand's cotton is traced back to the country of origin.

In addition, Stella McCartney was the first in fashion to achieve gold-level Cradle to Cradle certification for one of its most widely used wool yarns. In addition, the brand's goal is to stop using virgin nylon and switch to Econyl® regenerated nylon