Cofaco Industries Invests Close to US$2 Million in Plant Improvements

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February 20th, 2024
12:27 PM

Cofaco Industries invested nearly US$2 million to install an industrial dryer in the fabric dyeing area, enhancing fabric production and effluent control.

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An industrial dryer has been installed, requiring an investment of US$950,000, and is located in the fabric dyeing area. The textile company Cofaco Industries has invested close to US$2 million in improvements at its plant located in Los Olivos. The purpose has been to increase finished fabric production and have better control of industrial effluents.


Improvement Projects at Cofaco Industries' Plant

According to the Informe Técnico Sustentatorio (ITS) issued to the Ministerio de la Producción, the changes have included the implementation of an industrial dryer, which has required an investment of US$950,000 and has been located in the fabric dyeing area. Additionally, US$850,000 has been invested in upgrading the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), using the facilities' infrastructure.

According to the report, new equipment has been incorporated into the existing treatment plant to enhance control over industrial effluents, BOD, COD, and sludge and facilitate water reuse after treatment. Both projects will have a useful life of 10 years.


About Cofaco

Cofaco Industries is a forward-thinking manufacturing company specializing in high-quality textiles and apparel. Its core mission is to be sustainable and profitable while exceeding customers' expectations through a combination of professionalism and passion. It continuously challenges itself to innovate, ensuring that its products remain at the forefront of the industry.

Its vision is to establish itself as a globally recognized brand synonymous with sustainability and innovation in the textile and apparel sector. This is achieved by offering cutting-edge technological products and differentiated services that exceed customer expectations.

Guided by a set of core values, including innovation, teamwork, commitment, integrity, and outstanding quality, Cofaco Industries prioritizes the development of technology and diverse solutions to differentiate itself and maintain sustainability. It believes collaboration is key to unlocking its full potential and is dedicated to its customers, the environment, and all social actors within its community.

Upholding strict ethical policies and adhering to high standards ensures that its products consistently exceed expectations in terms of quality and performance. By maintaining its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence, Cofaco Industries aims to continue making a positive impact in the textile and apparel industry on a global scale.