The North Face Unveils its New Circular Insulation Solution

Editorial TeamEditorial Team
September 13th, 2023
3:38 PM

The North Face has just introduced Circaloft, a sustainable synthetic insulation made from 100% recycled materials designed for circularity and minimal waste.


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The renowned outdoor apparel brand, The North Face, has launched Circaloft, an innovative synthetic insulation technology. This breakthrough aims to redefine lightweight, packable insulation while promoting sustainability and circularity.

Circaloft is a synthetic insulation material crafted entirely from 100 percent recycled fabrics. Its key feature lies in its circularity – it's designed to be efficiently deconstructed and repurposed into new yarns at the end of its lifecycle, leaving minimal waste that cannot be reused.

This exciting launch is part of The North Face's strategic expansion of its Circular Design product portfolio. The brand's commitment to high-performance gear is now harmoniously aligned with a focus on preferred materials. The initial Circaloft collection, including a quarter-zip pullover, pants, a hoodie, and a jacket, is readily available in stores and online, priced between $180 and $230.


Circular Design for a Sustainable Future

The Circular Design product line, introduced in October 2022, is emblematic of The North Face's mission to reduce its reliance on non-renewable resources. These products are constructed with recycled, responsibly sourced, renewable, or regeneratively grown materials, ensuring durability to withstand wear and tear, while minimizing waste during production.

What sets the Circular Design collection apart is its end-of-life approach. These products are designed for easy disassembly, enabling them to be repurposed into new components for future items. In line with its commitment to sustainability, The North Face has set a target to transition to 100 percent responsibly sourced recycled, regenerative, or renewable materials across its top product lines by 2025.

In terms of sustainable and responsibly-sourced materials, The North Face has committed to using responsibly sourced down, which is certified by the Responsible Down Standard. This standard ensures that the down used in their products comes from ducks and geese that have been treated humanely and that the sourcing does not contribute to animal cruelty. In addition, The North Face collaborates with Bluesign® to ensure that their products meet high environmental and safety standards in their manufacturing processes.


Expanding Circular Offerings

The Circular Design collection encompasses a variety of products, including the Alpine Polartec line, which features recycled performance fleece, and the Osito line of recycled outerwear. Furthermore, consumers can actively contribute to the circular economy by participating in The North Face Renewed take-back program. Under this initiative, customers can return their worn products, which the brand will then restore and offer at discounted prices.

Kellen Hennessy, the Senior Circular Design Manager at The North Face, conveyed excitement about the brand's circular initiatives, emphasizing their commitment to integrating circular design principles into their iconic products to repurpose discarded materials for new outdoor gear in the expanded insulated collection.

The North Face's commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident in the Circaloft launch, marking a significant stride towards a more circular and eco-conscious future in the world of outdoor apparel.