Transforming Textile-to-Textile Recycled Fibers into Luxurious Naia Renew Yarns

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January 9th, 2024

Renewcell partners with Eastman to pioneer Naia Renew ES yarns, incorporating 100% recycled Circulose textile raw material in sustainable textile innovation.

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Renewcell has recently entered into a innovative collaboration with Eastman, a prominent US-based cellulosic acetate fiber producer. The partnership aims to develop Naia Renew ES yarns, utilizing Circulose, a 100% recycled textile raw material.

This strategic agreement marks Renewcell's inaugural venture with a US fiber producer and represents a significant stride toward creating the first acetate-based applications using Circulose feedstock. Renewcell CEO Patrik Lundström expressed enthusiasm, stating, "Eastman considering Circulose as a feedstock in the production of a premium yarn like Naia Renew reflects very well on the Renewcell team’s ability to work with partners to adjust and optimize our product for new fiber applications."


Eastman's Commitment in Partnership with Renewcell

The collaboration aligns with Eastman's commitment to sustainable practices. Ruth Farrell, General Manager of Eastman Textiles, emphasized the partnership's importance, stating, "We are thrilled to collaborate with a pioneer such as Renewcell to lower our reliance on virgin feedstocks, redefine the essence of textile waste, and close the loop within the textiles industry. This collaboration is at the heart of our strategy to launch a portfolio of products with increased recycled content."

Circulose, a revolutionary material for fashion, is not only 100% recycled but also recyclable, biodegradable, and of virgin-equivalent quality. Derived from 100% textile waste, including worn-out clothes and production scraps, Circulose is transformed by fiber producers into various man-made cellulosic fibers such as viscose, lyocell, modal, and acetate. These fibers are further processed into yarns, woven or knitted into fabrics, ultimately creating new high-quality textile products.

Eastman's commitment to circular solutions extends beyond textiles. In 2019, the company initiated commercial-scale molecular recycling for a broad range of waste plastics, addressing issues related to landfilling, incineration, and environmental pollution. Eastman's advanced circular recycling technologies offer a true circular solution, enabling materials to be endlessly recycled and reused.


Elevating Sustainable Fashion with Innovative Fibers

Naia cellulosic staple fiber, filament yarn, and Naia Renew products, produced by Eastman, present sustainable choices for a variety of fabrics, including ready-to-wear, sweaters, loungewear, and casual everyday wear. Sourced responsibly from sustainably managed pine and eucalyptus forests, Naia is manufactured in a closed-loop process prioritizing safe and environmentally sound chemical use.

Naia Renew, comprising 60% sustainably sourced wood pulp and 40% certified recycled waste plastics, contributes to value creation from hard-to-recycle materials earmarked for landfills. Certified biodegradable and compostable, Naia Renew significantly reduces its carbon footprint over its life cycle, achieved through an ISCC-certified mass balance process allocating recycled plastics. This collaboration stands as a testament to the industry's commitment to advancing sustainable practices and fostering a circular economy.