Unspun Raises $14 Million in Funding to Advance Sustainable 3D Weaving Technology

Editorial TeamEditorial Team
June 13th, 2023
3:35 PM

This capital infusion will serve as a catalyst for the implementation of Unspun's groundbreaking 3D weaving technology, known as Vega. With the fashion industry's supply chain in its crosshairs, Vega is poised to revolutionize the way garments are produced.

Unspun, a renowned sustainable fashion brand, and textile innovator, has successfully concluded a Series A funding round, raising an impressive $14 million to drive the implementation of its cutting-edge 3D weaving technology, Vega. The funding round was led by Lowercarbon Capital, a prominent investor in climate-focused ventures, with contributions from climate capital, SOSV, Signia Ventures, and MVP Ventures, among others.

The primary focus of this funding will be to support the expansion of Unspun's manufacturing operations for Vega 3D weaving. Unspun has already secured multi-million-dollar contracts with partner organizations, and the additional capital will aid in fulfilling these commitments. Unspun recognizes the urgent need for sustainable production methods in light of the projected 70% increase in global waste by 2050.

The Vega 3D weaving machines developed by the B Corporation company address this challenge head-on. Powered by the company's proprietary robotic technology, these machines can weave a complete pair of pants in less than 10 minutes directly from yarns, significantly reducing the time required for finishing steps.



Enabling Brands to Achieve On-Demand, Zero-Inventory Production

By leveraging Vega, brands can achieve on-demand, zero-inventory production, leading to reduced transport costs, emissions, and a streamlined supply chain. This transformative approach allows products to be manufactured just in time or upon request, minimizing waste and giving brands greater control over their inventory.

Shuo Yang, Partner at Lowercarbon, commended Unspun's ability to reduce emissions throughout the fashion industry while maintaining quality, speed, and scalability. Yang expressed confidence in Unspun's competitive advantage, stating, "Unspun is going to win because it's going to be the most competitive way to make clothes, period."



Eliminating the Traditional Manufacturing Process

Unspun's team has been diligently testing and refining the Vega weaving process, with plans to introduce consumer products and forge additional partnerships later this year. Unspun will establish its first micro-factory in Oakland, California to demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of onshore production. Equipped with multiple Vega 3D weaving machines, the micro-factory will showcase the power of localized and automated production.

Operating in micro-factories utilizing Vega eliminates traditional manufacturing processes that contribute to high order quantities, long lead times, excessive transport emissions, and surplus inventory waste. Embracing smaller batch production empowers brands to respond swiftly to market demands or even produce items on demand, eliminating the need for inventory altogether.

Walden Lam, the co-founder of Unspun, emphasized the company's commitment to climate action, stating, "This is the first major investment made by Lowercarbon in the fashion space, underscoring our potential to create sea-change across an entire industry. We are excited to partner with the most ambitious apparel brands and designers to solve the existential crisis facing the industry, and Vega is an important step on this journey."



Facilitating Circularity for Garments

Unspun's technology also holds circular applications, as the company actively develops products and manufacturing techniques that facilitate the unraveling of garments back into yarns. These yarns can then be rewoven into new products, aligning with Unspun's commitment to waste reduction and promoting a sustainable fashion ecosystem.

Notable previous investors, including Josh Buckley, Lachy Groom, 50Y, The Mills Fabrica, Novetex, and the Straubel Foundation, along with several climate-tech angel investors, also participated in this funding milestone, highlighting their continued support for Unspun's vision.