Adidas Partners with Rheon for Innovative Performance Apparel

Editorial TeamEditorial Team
September 26th, 2023
12:47 PM

Adidas' Adizero Control collection, featuring RHEON™ technology, redefines athletic apparel by minimizing energy wastage and enhancing running performance through innovative, patented materials.


Adidas has unveiled its highly anticipated Adizero Control collection, a game-changing line of athletic apparel designed to empower athletes by minimizing energy wastage and optimizing running performance.

At the heart of this revolutionary collection lies the cutting-edge RHEON™ technology, a testament to innovation and scientific advancement. These apparel pieces incorporate RHEON Labs®' patented reactive super polymer, setting a new standard in energy control for athletes striving to reach their peak performance levels.

With RHEON™ technology seamlessly integrated into the fabric, athletes can expect unparalleled support and efficiency during their workouts, translating to enhanced running performance and a competitive edge on the track or field. This collection represents a significant leap forward in the world of sports apparel, where every garment is meticulously engineered to help athletes conserve energy and maximize their potential.

In addition to being a Better Cotton Initiative member and certified by the Bluesign system, some Adidas stores are built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification standards, which reflect sustainable building practices.


Fulfilling the Demands of Smart Textile Electronics

Lead researcher Ching emphasized the importance of simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability in soft fiber fabrication to cater to the growing demand for smart textile electronics. Potential applications include a strain-sensing gaming glove and a smart face mask for monitoring sleep apnea. This novel technology, an imitation of spider silk, combines mechanical stretchability with the ability to conduct electricity. Ching expressed the aspiration to create a Spider-Man-like suit that can produce high-strength, conductive silk, opening up possibilities for communication between textiles, smartphones, and household appliances.

Adidas has recently introduced its Adizero Control running collection, featuring Rheon Labs' technology. This collection incorporates the patented reactive super polymer by Rheon, enhancing athletes' performance by providing precise energy control.

Simon Huntsman, commercial director and head of Reactivewear at Rheon Labs, stressed the importance of marginal performance improvements in elite sports. The Rheon material acts like a responsive exoskeleton, optimizing muscle positioning during intense activities, thus minimizing energy wastage. This strain-rate-sensitive material combines flexibility with rigidity, ensuring athletes receive the support they need during high-intensity movements.



Revolutionizing Athletic Apparel through Innovative Collaborations

The strategic placement of Rheon strands across major muscle groups is based on proprietary geometries designed using computer modeling. The collaboration between Rheon Labs and Adidas involved tier-one manufacturers to seamlessly integrate these panels into the existing manufacturing processes while preserving the material's energy absorption capabilities.

This collaboration between Rheon Labs and Adidas began with the TechFit Control collection and has since evolved into a pioneering partnership. Rheon Labs continues to collaborate with experts from universities to validate the performance enhancements offered by their material. Early in-house testing suggests that their material can control up to four times more energy compared to conventional elastane-based textiles, potentially revolutionizing support during high-intensity athletic activities.

This research-driven innovation, inspired by spider silk, is reshaping the future of smart textiles, and the collaboration between Rheon Labs and Adidas is set to redefine athletic performance apparel.